December 2016

December 2016

The “12 Scatti onlus” is a free association born some years ago with the aim to help African people (particularly in Burkina Faso and Malawi) in drilling some wells so that they can have better life conditions, longer lasting life, less diseases, the possibility to use their time in going to school or to work instead of roaming around in search of fresh water.
Today more than 100 wells has been realized in Burkina Faso. Considering that the average of the villagers where the wells have been built is more than 200 units, it can be said with certainty that more than 20,000 people today have a point of access to drinkable water that they didn’t have before and this has happened thanks to a simple calendar, and a pinch of good will of many people.

Stefano Calcabrini (the President) and the other members of the association, together with all the friends that supports the onlus,  are enthusiast of the results they had been able to reach.
One of the ways to solicit the donations is the selling of the wall calendar BELOW "12 scatti per l'Africa" (twelve images for Africa). Some Italian and Swiss photographers have donated the rights to use their underwater images to realize the calendar.

Please share with us this laudable initiative and purchase a wonderful wall calendar (price only ten euro each one).



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