Wildlife Photo Tour Brown Bear ( June 2018)
There are few place in Europa where you can see brown bear (Ursus arctos) in the wild so close that you can take pictures! Slovenia is among the few European countries with a well-preserved population of brown bear (Ursus arctos), listed as a priority species in the Habitats Directive. The size of the brown bear population has increased in the last decades and, consequently, there has been an increase in the number of bears along the main migration routes towards Italy and Austria.

You will experience a great time in the wild Slovenian landscape. During this tour we'll spend every day 3-4 hours in the bear observation hides, where we'll wait for the bears, occasionally you can also see other wildlife: deer, fox, badger and various birds like Ural owls, jays, finches, etc.
On this photo tour you will get a wonderful insight into the fauna of Slovenia. We'll have a wonderful opportunity to observe European brown bear of Slovenia at close range in its natural environment and plenty of time to photograph them.

We'll be located in the heart of the forests of the Notranjska and the Kočevje Regions, an area protected by Natura 2000 and located near Notranjska Regional Park and Risnjak National Park. The landscape is one of the most naturally preserved areas of Slovenia and Central Europe. Ninety percent of the land is covered with forests, mainly with Dinaric silver fir-beech forests, in which alongside with many other animal species live the bear.
The area is known for fascinating karst phenomena, such as Lake Cerknica, the largest intermittent lake in the world, and Križna Jama Cave, a karst cave with a chain of underground lakes.

In addition to the bears that are the main aim of this Photo Tour there will be the possibility to take pictures inside the cave using tripods and extra lights and to photograph and practicing different photo techniques on flowers, landscapes and other wild animals.
In the downtime between an excursion and the other we will have the opportunity to watch the photographs together with me and I will be available to give advice or opinions.

For whom is this Photo Tour ?
This Photo Tour suits perfect for beginners and advanced photographers. Due to the small group size I can cater to the different needs of beginners and advanced targeted. On this trip you are with people who love nature and taking pictures and want to improve their own photo skills.

Even for non-photographer partners this trip
offers a unique experience of nature and the possibility to observe the bear intimately close.

Language: English, German, Italian, French

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